Our Mission

Our team of leaders bring with them extensive know-how in the consumer products and contract manufacturing industries. They have diverse industry backgrounds, ranging from large CPG executives with years of experience in Fortune 50 companies, to being successful business owners. We are on track to be a certified Minority-Owned Business.

Who We Are

Who We Are

 In January 2021 we took over a food grade manufacturing site and started the process to re-purpose it for the production of Household Care, Personal Care and Beauty Care products. As of April 2021, in a short 4 months, all the industrial systems are up and running, and we are EPA registered. We are also in progress to earn our FDA certification.


Our Core Competencies

Core Competencies ​

Core Competencies ​

  • Our team’s know-how and our state-of-the-art equipment can deliver flexibility and agility to customize production as specified by our customers.
  • Our facility has the space to add additional blending and packing capacity to suit any specific needs that our customers may have.
  • Our facility is strategically located in Walterboro, SC alongside the I-95 allowing for speed and ease of distribution.

Our Values






Made in USA


Nothing is more important than the health and safety of those who work with us. All injuries and work-related illnesses can and must be prevented through the identification and mitigation of hazards and risks. Working safely is a condition of employment.


Quality is our main value proposition. Customers and their products’ requirements must be reliably and consistently satisfied, through operational excellence. Focusing on continuous improvement.


We are committed to developing a long-term sustainable business model that considers the environment as a valuable resource that needs to be protected and conserved for future generations.

Made in USA

We are proud to be a part of the recapitalizing of Made in the USA Manufacturing, and reducing costs and time of lengthy supply chains. We have partnered with, and have the endorsement of the Colleton County Economic Development Board for helping to create jobs and support the local economy.

Additional Services

  • Trison Wells is also capable of performing product rework, product customization and late stage differentiation:
    –  Product re-coding.
    – Re-bundling; Re-labeling, Re-packing.
    –  Visual Inspection and segregation.
    –  Pallet re-configuration.
    –  Display Packing.
    – eCommerce configuration.

This work is performed in a clean 30,000 sq. ft. temperature-controlled warehouse.


  • Physicochemical lab available on-site  to perform in-process testing as an integral requirement of product regulations and quality systems. 
  • Additional specific testing requirements available through our trusted 3rd party certified Labs

Secondary Packing

  • Multiple configuration shipping tray with shrink wrap
  • Multiple configuration case 
  • Tray/Case identification label printer and applicator
  • Multiple configuration palletizing
  • Pallet identification label printer and applier 

Primary Packaging


Filler Types
Filler Types

Filler type

Rotary High Speed, neck handling

In-line filler, base handling

Bottle equivalent Diameter

Up to 3”

Up to 9” 

Bottle shape

Round and Semi-Round

All Shapes

Bottle Volumes 

From 8.5-oz 

to 48-oz

From 3/4 -oz 

To 640-oz 

Product Viscosity 

Up to 250-cps

Up to 1500-cps


Round standard caps

All types of caps, triggers and sprayersLabeling 

  • Label applicators capable of applying shrink sleave (round and semi-round bottles), front/back and wrap-around labels (all types of bottles). 
  • Lot/date/product identification print on bottle or label.

Blending Systems

  • Simultaneous batch mixing capabilities with three 1,000-gallon SS mixing tanks equipped with agitation, recirculation circuits, 2 APV SS plate and frame heat exchanger for temperature control, powder raw material blending and adding station (TriFlow mixer) 
  • Two 1,500-gallon SS batch holding tanks 
  • Hard-piping SS pipe connection with fillers
  • Automated flow with level control to fillers
  • PLC and HMI control system
  • Dust Collection system (by Donaldson) in the raw material powder handling room
  • Segregated climate-control storage (60F) for special requirement Raw material 

Liquid Raw Materials Storage​

  • Three 5000-gallon SS storage tanks.  
  • Volume control automated liquate raw mate addition to mixing system.

Water System

  • Validated USP grade water system. 
  • Purified Water system includes: 
    • Carbon Pre-filters
    • Culligan Aqua-Cleer Series G3 Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System (by Culligan).
    • Optima HX and CSL Series high performance UV sanitation system (by Aquafine).
  • Automated volume control water addition to mixing system   
  • 20,000-gallon SS storage tank and recirculation system through UV and Filters unites